Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does the water regulations effect every business?

A. ‘yes’ all businesses which are supplied with mains water are subject to the water regulations.

Q. Do the water bylaws still exist?

A. The regional water bylaws which were governed locally, were all replaced with the water regulations which provides a national standard to conform to.

Q. When were the water regulations introduced and become law

A. The water regulations became law in 1999 ( 2000 in Scotland )

Q. Can I still use lead and galvenised steel pipe ?

A. Existing pipework can remain in service, however for new applications and during new works, copper or plastic pipework systems are recommended for the conveyance of water suitable for drinking purposes

Q. I have tanks in the attic which have no lids, no insulation, no overflow but plenty of rust inside - What can be done ?

A. Precision Pipework Ltd specialise in the replacement of tanks specifically designed to both comply with the regulations and to provide the customer with wholesome drinking water.

Q. Showers suffer from variations in water temperature and pressure, can this be resolved ?

A. Pumped systems designed and installed by Precision Pipework Ltd provide boosted water services to both the hot and cold systems such that they remain balanced

Q. Where can I get more information about the water regulations ?

A. Either speak to Precision Pipework or select one of the links from our web site.

Q. Do I need to tell the water undertaker in advance of any modifications to my water system?

A. ‘Yes’ you must inform the water undertaker of your proposals at least 10 days prior to any work being undertaken.

Q. Are non-return valves a suitable method of preventing contamination of the drinking water supply.

A. In some cases, it is acceptable to use a single or double check valve to prevent contamination of the mains water service however if the type or likelihood of contamination is high, then alternative arrangements have to be used.

Terms used for reference

Wholesome water - drinking water of the same temperature and chemical composition as that supplied from the district water main

Water undertaker - the local water supply company

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