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Welcome to water advice.co.uk. This site is dedicated to assisting the commercial users of water to comply with the water regulations. It aims to enable better understanding of and hence compliance with the water regulations, and to encourage protection of the district water supply system. This should ultimately provide safer drinking water to the end user.








We offer advice and engineered solutions to comply with the Water supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999





"Precision Pipework acts as consultants and advisors to hotel chains, government buildings, offices, shops, holiday accommodation and restaurants"

The Government requires water suppliers to enforce the regulations. Water Suppliers can provide copies of their Codes of Practice on Enforcement. As with the previous Supply Byelaws, water suppliers will undertake inspections of new and existing installations to check that the regulations are being met. Where breaches of the regulations are found, the water supplier will require them to be remedied as soon as practicable. Where breaches pose a risk to health, the water supply to the premises may be disconnected immediately to protect the health of occupants or others fed from the same public supply. It is a criminal offence to breach the regulations and offenders may face prosecution.

How do the regulations affect you? Your plumbing system must be installed and maintained to comply with the regulations. You must prevent contamination of drinking water, and must give advanced notification of installation work. You may benefit from using an Approved Plumbing Contractor. For more information please download the WRAS leaflet which contains the above information and more or visit their website at www.wras.co.uk

Established in 1957, Precision Pipework Ltd have supplied and installed pumps and pumping equipment to clients both locally, nationally and in more recent years internationally. This web site is dedicated to the work undertaken by the company to enable customers to have the confidence that they can comply with the water regulations. The company acts as consultants and advisors to hotel chains, government buildings, offices, shops, holiday accommodation and restaurants etc.